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Approved Ductwork Cleaning Contractors

At Essential Risk Assessments our service doesn't finish when we have carried out a full Risk Assessment of your HVAC System and Kitchen Extract System.

After we have carried out your Risk Assessment we can then recommend a range of qualified and experienced Air Hygiene & Duct Cleaning companies who can then carry out the required cleaning service to ensure that your business complies with the latest standards and legislations including HVCA TR/19 & BS EN 15780:2011 Standards.

Please see below the Companies we recommend:

Overclean Ltd

Overclean Ltd is a National Specialist Air Hygiene & Ductwork Cleaning Company based in Devon and has branches throughout England and Scotland. Overclean Ltd are fully qualified providing a full range of Ductwork Cleaning Services and have been at the forefront of ductwork cleaning technology since 1982.

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or call them now on 01404 41333.


V.A.D. HYGIENE LIMITED is a specialist HVAC and Kitchen Extract Cleaning Company based in Dorset. V.A.D. HYGIENE LIMITED are fully trained & qualified providing their dedicated Ductwork Cleaning service to a large number of businesses across the South of England and throughout the UK.

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or call them now on 0845 222 5757.

Ductwork Pro

Ductwork Pro are a Specialist Ductwork and Commercial Kitchen Extraction care and maintenance Company based in Aberdeen. Ductwork Pro provide a fully qualified Ductwork and Kitchen Extract Cleaning service to all types of businesses throughout Scotland.

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