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RRAMS – Rapid Risk Assessment Monitoring Software

RRAMS – Rapid Risk Assessment Monitoring Software is a computerised system that uses the latest software. Our Risk Assessment Officers carry out risk assessments of all parts of both Kitchen Extract and HVAC systems to include location of duct work and all parts of the system, measured line drawings showing where the system is in relation to the building and showing where access doors need to be fitted.

Photographic evidence outline any faults with the operation of the system, damage to any part of the system or anything that could interfere with the cleaning procedure and any access issues that can make it difficult for the system to be cleaned.

All risk assessments are carried out by fully qualified risk assessment officers that have 25 years experience in the cleaning industry. Our risk assessment officers carry out testing, including dip side tests to determine whether there is fungi or bacteria present in the Ventilation –HVAC System and in order to show the accumulation of dust in the system the Industry recognised NADCA Dust test is then undertaken.

The Wet Film Thickness Test - WFTT is used to establish the amount of grease in a kitchen extract system and is carried out in all Commercial Kitchen Extract Assessments.

We check all parts HVAC & Kitchen Extract Systems including Fans, Access Doors, Volume Control Dampers, Fire Dampers, Air Handling Units, Attenuators, Grilles, Louvers, and etc. All of our findings are supplied to client in an email format that can be saved for reference for any maintenance issues and cleaning schedules in the future.

We flash up red the areas that need to be cleaned and by use of a traffic light system whereby:

Green means that part of the system only needs to be cleaned as per your regular cleaning programme. Amber means that part of the system has a fault or cleaning issue that needs to be rectified within 14 day time frame. Red means that part of the system has a maintenance problem or cleaning issue that needs urgent attention and has to be rectified as soon as possible.

These results are uploaded to you, the client’s computer so you can take the appropriate action necessary.

Essential Risk Assessments help you the client to comply with HVCA TR/19 Standard and the current British Standard BSEN 15780 : 2011

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